jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Spanish with no books, no homework, no written exercises ... no bull!

Spanish is a worldwide international language. Approximately 450 million people speaks spanish as a first language, It is a language for business, travel, socialicing and improving job prospects

Why Spanish with no books, no homework, no writing exercises?
I offer a new method for both adults and children and people who don’t have the time to study at home, they have studied spanish using traditional methods with no or limited success, they believe they are not good at languages or they need to learn Spanish in a short time.

Why Skype?
Skype is a free online video-phone. To learn more go to www.skype.com

By learning through Skype you won’t have the hassle of travelling to and fro. No matter the weather or traffic, you don’t have to spend any of your valuable time travelling to get to a course and there is no need to tidy your house for a private tutor visit either.

It is as simple as relaxing in the comfort of your own home, pouring yourself a cup of tea (or why not a glass of your favourite wine), sitting down, switching on and your tutor is there.

You will not only understand Spanish but you will gain confidence in yourself at the time of speaking as well.

You will NOT be asked to memorise or learn words/vocabulary or concepts by heart or be asked to continue studying at home. (no homework) or require any books or writing materials.

What about grammar, verbs, ...?
Many people worry about grammar. Although it is an integral part of learning a language not everybody is a natural linguist so you are not required to know any grammatical concept.
There is an approachable, easy and understandable way to grammar without the need of knowing any difficult concept. Grammar will be seen in its functional way (what the words are used for), not in its theoretical approach (no need of complicated terminology)

Spanish could offer the following benefits to you and your children:
Expand your career horizons * Complete your CV with a world-wide spoken language * Overcome language barriers and avoid misunderstanding * Give your child a wonderful skill for the future or private tuition for his/her exams. * Enjoy your holidays in one of the 21 speaking countries in the world * be part of the speaking Spanish group you feel not fully included * Impress someone you have met!!

What about a free trial lesson?
I offer a free sample lesson so that you can have an idea of this approach